what’s it like to play with us?

The Fidelio Orchestra aims to provide a serious amount of high-quality music to the denizens of London. And we mean a lot of music. To make sure we can do this, we require a high level of commitment. Music to your ears? Then read on…

What you’ll do

As a fully-fledged Fidelian, you’ll be involved not only in high-standard symphony orchestra concerts, but in a wide range of other musical activities, including workshops, chamber music performances, opera and tours. You’ll learn from musical talent and share great experiences.

What we need

We’re ambitious, and to be a part of what we’re doing you’ll need to share our attitude. Because the Fidelio Orchestra turns around a lot of concerts in short periods, we ask for a high level of commitment from our players. We don’t ask for certificates or degrees, but for musicianship and ambition.

What it costs

If you’re not a professional musician but you’re keen to play in an orchestra of a high standard, Fidelio Orchestra might be the perfect option for you. You’ll be asked to pay membership fees, which go towards meeting our running costs.

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